My Electric BBQ Smoker

So Powerful and Easy to Use.

If you are looking for a powerful and easy to use electric bbq smoker then be prepared, because things are going to start smokin’.

Technology really has gone long ways from the ancient stone age where the ancient people just use flint stones to start fire to cook the spoils of their hunting. I would say that it actually is a romantic idea to do just that, it adds a sense of realism and adventure to an outdoor meal. Imagine cooking your food in plain fire and experience what the ancient people experienced a thousand years ago when there was no diesel and electricity.

We have gone a long way. Now we have microwave to nook our food, instant noodles and instant whatever, where you just pour hot water and wait a couple of minutes and it's done. But something in us still yearns for that outdoor feeling, that organic feeling.

I'll admit it, it's easier to just do a quick run at McDonald's or something than actually starting a fire to get that 'natural flavor' in your cooking. Natural meaning it has this distinct wood smoked taste, and I also will admit that it tastes better than stuff you get from stuff from tin cans.

Well let me go on ahead and talk more about electric bbq smokers. There's a lot of them available online and a lot of places you can order from and you can choose different make and models too.

I've had my electric bbq smoker for about a year now and been using it for almost everything like fish, pork, beef and sometimes vegetables. Got some sotries to tell about it like when i was breaking the electric bbq smoker in, but i guess that should be for a different post.

I've had a traditional charcoal/wood burning smoker before and i really had a hard time with it so i purchased this electric bbq smoker and life's been eaier then. First off is the convenience of the electric bbq smoker, i don't have to constantly regulate the temperature whenever I'm smoking something. The non electric one actually is 'fun' to use, depending on your mood or what it is you're doing. If you want other things done, then go for the electric bbq smoker.

But getting my hand on one was a bit of a problem because i purchased if from the local store and it would have been cheaper if i ordered directly from the manufacturer, i should have done my research before getting my hands dirty.

Also one problem with these electric smokers is their weight, you can't just move them around, i unfortunately bought the one without wheels, it would have been great if i got one smoker that has wheels. My Hindsight.

i know the final taste of the food will not depend on the smoker but would boil down to the chef and the recipe, but of course this is a a basic that one can't just ignore. Getting the beast, or easy and powerful electric smoker you can get would be good in the long run.

Gotta go, my spare ribs should be done by now.